Thursday, May 28, 2015

Losing 52 Lbs in 52 Weeks ~ One Step at a Time ~ Week 21

Written By:  Bobbie

I am so proud of myself.  My goal for this last week was to take 6,000 every day, and I made it!  I have a little path I'm walking around the yard, and one loop is just a hair over 100 steps, and I have been going out and doing 5 or 10 laps at a time to help boost my daily steps.  My dog has been looking at me like I am nuts when I go past him, once in a while he walks part of my loop with me.  I'm not speed walking it, nor am I moving at a snails pace, but each loop take about a minute, so it is a quick and easy way to cram in a few extra steps during the day.

The Ugly
I am still not logging all my food with MyFitnessPal, but I am logging a majority of it.  Something to keep working on.  I only logged all my food for two days during the week, looking back, I do not have an explanation as to why.  I just flaked.

The Bad
The two days I did manage to log all my food, I was over on calories.  Not a great way to keep track calories in and calories out when I'm not bothering with the in side of things.

The Good
Water intake is still good.  Managing to get my 8 glasses a day, if not more every day.  Weather is finally starting to warm up, so I'm sure this will be easy to keep up.

Even on the days I did not log all my food, I did not stuff my self silly, and really tried to pay attention to when I was full.

Goals for Week
I want to continue hitting 6,000 steps a day, and will see if I have it in me to bump it up again.

End Result for Week
Down 1.0 lbs!  I'm doing something right.  Taking things one step at a time.

Total Weight Lost
Down 16.6.  That's an entire bowling ball my body is no longer lugging around!

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