Monday, May 18, 2015

+Lifeguard Power Bank Solid Portable Charger is a Powerhouse #pluslifeguard #review

Written By:  Bobbie

My mom recently upgraded to a smartphone, and as always it is my job to hook her up with all the accessories.  Thankfully +Lifeguard sent me a Mini 1 Portable Charger in exchage for my honest review.

Straight out of the box I thought this was cute.  I even like the shade of pink, and I'm not a pink kinda gal.  There are no buttons and the charging output is 1A (great for basic phones, smaller electronics, and smaller smart phones).  It arrived with a partial charge, and there is a little red light that shows that it is in use.  It comes with a micro USB cord and a lighting cable.  The +Lifegaurd Mini 1 is 3000mAh, so while it won't fully charge all larger smartphones it will give it a pretty good boost.

I first tested out the charger at home.  It took a couple hours to fully charge, they I hooked up my phone to it to charge.  It took my iPhone 6 plus from 16% to 81% in about 2 hours.  I figured this was pretty good given the length of time, and the power that the charger holds.  The charger was very warm to the touch, but I figured it would be with all that energy transfer.  The powerbank was fully drained, and I hooked it back up the the power strip to charge it up again.   I then set it aside because this would be a perfect emergency charger for my mom because it is compact, and easy to use.

A few days later my mom called saying her car would not start, and that the her phone was dying, and she had to wait 90 miutes for the tow truck.  I grabbed up the charger,  two cords and headed across town to hang out with my mom.  I showed her how to plug her phone in, and we just hung around the parking lot talking while waiting for the tow truck.  She was impressed at how fast her iPhone 6 charged up, and after a couple hours was nearly at a full battery.  I made sure she knew how to charge it when I dropped her off at home, and told her to keep it in her purse for emergencies, or when she is out and about traveling, or visiting family.

The two included cords are very short.  If you use your phone while using the charger is nice to just hold both in one hand and not have a long cord dangling.  I did use my own cables to charge up my daughter's iPod shuffle along with several other small electronics with no problems.

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+LIFEGUARD MINI 1 Portable Charger

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