Friday, May 22, 2015

Jazzing up Water with Live Infinitely Water Infuser #liveinfinitely #review

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Written By:  Bobbie

"MOM!!!!  I want your new purple water bottle!!!"  Nope, I have not passed on the purple freak gene to my daughter or anything.  Live Infinitely sent me a infuser water bottle in exchange for my honest review.  I lucked out and received a purple one.  My younger daughter got her hands on it first.

The bottle comes with a cute little draw sting bag rolled up in it.  What really caught my eye with the infuser bottle is that the infusion chamber is at the bottom!  I've tried a couple other infusing tumblers with the chamber attached to the lid, and I tend to be disappointed when my water is below chamber as it no longer gets any flavor infusion.  Live Infinitely solves this problem by putting the infusion chamber at the bottom.

Both the top and the bottom of the bottle come off, and the bottom infusion chamber is easy to unscrew.  The infusion chamber has cute stars and stripes shaped holes to allow water to flow through.  My daughter requested pineapple infused water, and the chamber was easy to fill with pineapple chunks and screw back into the base.  I filled it up with water, put the top on and threw the bottle into the fridge for a few hours. 

To drink the infused water, just unscrew the top and chug away.  Both the top and bottom have gaskets, so it is leak proof, and the bottle is made of impact resistant BPA plastic.  This is a perfect bottle for my daughter to fill up at night, and take to school with her the next day.  The bottle is hand wash only, but easy to clean since both ends are easily accessible.  The top does have a nice carrying loop that is comfortable to hold on to, or use a clip to attach to a bag.

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