Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Camping Night Time Fun with Glow Sticks Bracelets #glowsticks

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Written By:  Bobbie

Just because the sun goes gown when camping does not mean it's time to hit the sleeping bags.  It has been a tradition for years that I bring glow sticks camping, and this time around Blue Skies sent me a tube of 100 Bracelet Glow Sticks in exchange for my honest review.

The kid in me immediately had to crack a few and head into the one room in the house that has no windows.  The colors really pop.  I only cracked three sticks, but there are five colors in the tube, blue, green, yellow, orange, and pink.  Connections pieces are included if you want to use them as bracelets instead of sticks.

I am not sure where they are made, but the packaging is very patriotic.  The tube is very sturdy and you can remove either of the end caps to get to the glow sticks and the connectors.   They are non-toxic, which is good because the 6 year old we were camping with decided to play Jaws and bit through one of the sticks the first night.  She has never done that before in the past, and we had no issues the second night.  The second night I changed tactics and used the last of the longer necklace length glow stick from last years camping trip on the smaller kids, and then added a smaller bracelet glow stick as a charm.  We had no problems locating the smaller kids, and thanks to the different colors, we knew which one we were tracking.

For the older kids, I just handed them a bunch of sticks and told them to give me a light show.  This was mostly just to wear them out so they would sleep.  The glow sticks stayed bright for several hours, and the older kids ended up using them as night lights in their tent. 

My older daughter wanted me to shoot some video of them being goofy, and here is the end result.

I cracked nearly 30 bracelets over the weekend, and only had one dud in the pack.  I have the rest of the glow sticks packed away in the house ready for more night time evening fun.  I think next up is going to be 4th of July, and we have another camping trip before fall hits.

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