Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sherbert Shows He is King of the House #LionCatHat #review

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Written By:  Bobbie

It has been a joke the last few years that Sherbert is the king of the house, and now we have proof thanks to the Lion Mane Cat Hat that I was sent in exchange for my honest opinion.

I have to admit, this is more for human amusement that cat amusement.  My other kitty Haggis was just about as thrilled as he could get about being crowned king of the household.  He also hates to be cuddled, so yeah, super happy kitty right there.

The hat is well made.  The ears are very secure, the hair of the mane does not pull out, and the inside is lined so the seams to not annoy kitties.  The hat will fit cats of various weights as Sherbert is an impressive 20 lbs, while Haggis is noticably lighter 9 lbs.  It has side flaps that attach under the chin/around the neck with velcro straps.  When my cats were done posing, they were both able to take the hat off on their own, as we watched and laughed hystericaly.

My cats were very skittish about the hat at first, and when I thought about how I just slammed it on them the first time, I don't blame them.  The second time around I made sure Sherbert was nice and calm, and gave him lots of petting and loving.  

I then slowly slipped the hat around his neck, but I made sure to leave his ears exposed so he would not freak out over the sudden loss of hearing.  More loving petting and cooing for a while.  After I felt he was nice and calm again, I slowly slipped the hat up over her ears, and kept petting and cooing at him.  He was noticable calmer this time around, and even sat and posed for a few pictures.  When he was done, a couple lazy swipes of his paw, and the hat was off.  No trauma, no spazzing, just done.

Not to be outdone by the cats, my older daughter had to try the lion hat.  I have always teased her that she has a big head, and now I have proof.

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