Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Magisso Teacup, Easy Taste Control and Mess Free Filter #Review

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Written By: Bobbie

I may be a coffee drinker, but once in a while I enjoy a hot cup of tea.  Luckily Magisso sent me a Tea Green Teacup in exchange for my honest review.  My younger daughter became very excited when she saw this cup since she is really the tea drinker of the family.

I found the design of the teacup intriguing.  First and foremost, the bottom of the cup is not flat.  It has a triangle bottom that you tilt between steeping your tea and drinking your tea.  You control the taste of the tea by tilting the cup.  To see what I'm talking about in action, check out this video by Magisso.

The removable mess free filter gently sits on a small ledge on the inside of the cup.  There is no 'snap' or pushing into place.  You just have to find the right angle and it just falls into place.  The easiest way is to just slide the filter down the inside of the teacup.  Steeping the tea was quite simple.  Just tilt the cup so that the filter side is lower, add some loose leaf tea (remember to leave room for the tea leaves to expand) and pour hot water over the leaves until they are covered.  Once the tea is steeped, just tilt to the other side and enjoy.  If you have not overfilled the filter with tea leaves, it stays in place while you finish off the last few drops of your tea.  The filter strains out all but the smallest particles of tea, and has smaller holes than any of my loose leaf steepers.

I personally found this teacup most comfortable to use with two hands.  When I choose to drink tea, it is usually because I am cold and trying to warm up.  This is the perfect cup to cradle in your hands with hot tea.  I used hot water from my single serve coffee machine, and while the tea was steaming hot, the cup was always a comfortable warm to hold.  I also like that I can re-steep the leaves when I have finished a cup of tea.  Just add more hot water and good to go.

The teacup is not dishwasher safe, but clean up is a snap.  Just slide the filter up the side of the cup with the wet tea leaves on it, and then place the leaves in the trash.  Quickly hand wash, dry, and put away.  Don't try to just dump tea cup over the trash and shake the leaves off the filter.  I ended up having to pull the filter out of the trash after attempting this.  

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