Monday, April 13, 2015

Written By:  Bobbie

There is no shortage of touch screen electronics in my house, let alone glasses and sunglasses.  Keeping everything clean can be a challenge.  Lenzies sent me a box of lens cleaning wipes in exchange for my honest review, challenge accepted!

I gathered up some of the electronics in my house that was a good mix up of different types of screen protectors and threw in my glasses and sunglasses since those were pretty smudged up as well.

Lenzies come in a box of 100 individually packaged, pre-moistened disposable lens cleaning tissues.  The wipes are a decent size so you can slap your hand on top and really clean the whole surface of your smart phone or tablet.  I tested out my Kindle Fire HDX with a plastic screen protector, iPhone 6 Plus with a glass screen protector, and my old iPad 2 with no screen protector.  It took one Lenzies to clean each of my devices.  While the lens wipes did not initially feel like they would would be wet enough to clean the screens, they did an excellent job, and did not leave any streaks or spots.  I was able to even go over a few more gunky areas with the same wipe after a closer inspection of the initial cleaning.  My older daughter used one on her Kindle Fire HD (no screen protector) and said that it looked brand new.  It had been a while since she last cleaned her screen off, so it took three lens wipes to really get her screen back to that super squeaky clean.


I decided to give Lenzies a try as a laptop screen cleaner as well.  My laptop is not a touch screen, but somehow it still has finger smudges and random gunk on it.  You never notice how dirty something is until you clean it.  I have a large laptop screen, so it actually took two lens cleaners to get my screen back to spotless clean.  I need to quit opening soda bottles anywhere near my laptop.


What I'm really excited about with Lenzies, is for my glasses and sunglasses when I'm out and about.  These worked great on my glasses and  RX sunglasses, and it took one lens wipe to clean each pair of glasses.  It did a great job of getting rid of smudges, and random gunk.  I've thrown a handful of the wipes into the glove box of the car for those times when a dry micro cloth just won't cut it.  With myself and both my daughters wearing glasses, they will not take long to get used up.

Available for purchase on Amazon:
Lenzies Lens Wipes PreMoisten and Disposable. Glasses, Camera, iPad. 100ct. (100)

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