Tuesday, April 28, 2015

K2R Powerbank is a Lightweight and Multi-Functional #k2rpowerbank #Review

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Written By:  Bobbie

I fully admit that my family has a lot of small electronics, and sometimes it feels like there are not enough electrical outlets in the house.  Recently I was sent a K2R Powerbank in exchange for my honest review.
Upon taking the powerbank out of the box I was surprised how lightweight it was.  At 7800 mAh, it's a pretty big battery, and I was expecting something a bit heavier.  It did come with a partial charge and I quickly checked out the lightning cord and the micro USB cords that were included with the powerbank.


My older daughter was home, and we both giggled over the fact that the tips of the cords light up.  This is really a cool feature because you can tell at a glace if the device you are charging is full because the tip is red while in use, and blue when it is done charging.  It gives off a bit of a light show when devices hit 98%-99% charged as it flickers back and forth between red and blue.  There is a small power button on the side to turn the powerbank on and off.  It is recesses just a tad, so it will not snag on anything.

I set the charger on my power strip and let it fully charge for a few hours.  There are four small blue lights that indicate approximately how much charge the powerbank has, with one light being 1-25% and 4 lights being 75-100%.  I left the K2R powerbank charging until the 4th light quit blinking, indicating it was fully charged.  I then took it off the charger and hooked it up my my iPhone 6+ in the 2A output port.  My was run down to 13% and about three hours later my phone was fully charged.  My husband has a more basic phone, and it charged up perfectly with the 1A output port.

Aside from being able to charge tablets, basic phones, and smart phones; the K2R also has a handy flashlight built into it.  It gives out a good amount of light, and is easily turned on with two quick presses of the power button on the side.  To turn it off just press the power button once.  The included lighting and micro UBS cords work great with wall charges as well.  My older daughter has staked her claim on the micro USB cord for her Kindle Fire HD.  I do have a couple of cases for my iPhone that the tip of the lightning cord is too large and will not fit, so I have to take the case off to charge my phone.

This is going to be a great gadget for me to have on hand during road trips.  Car charging ports are scarse in my car.

Available For Purchase on Amazon:
K2R-803 Cell Phone Portable Charger with Flashlight

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