Thursday, April 16, 2015

Igloo Party Bucket ~ Have Bucket, Will Travel #Review

Written By:  Bobbie

Be still my heart.  Igloo has a cool line of Party Buckets available, and one of the color options is purple!  Before I get ahead of myself and my excitement of the fact that I received the Party Bucket in two tone purple in exchange for my honest review, let me give you some cold hard facts.

The party bucket can hold 20 qts.  What this equates to in real life is 21 cans of soda and almost all of the ice out of the ice maker in my freezer, with some room to spare.  It is foam insulated, and has a drain plug that stays secure until you need to unplug it to drain the bucket.  Even with all the soda and ice, the bucket handles are still comfortable to hold.  My daughter had no problems lifting and moving around with the loaded up Party Bucket.  The drain plug is recessed, so you can carry the bucket close to your body and not worry about it jabbing you.

We had a family backyard BBQ at a relatives house, so I loaded up the Party Bucket with soda and ice, and threw it into the trunk of the car for transportation.  It slid around in the trunk of the car because I did not bother to secure it properly, but thankfully it did not tip over due to it's design.  All the females at the party loved the two tone purple.  We set the bucket outside on the back patio and it did great for the several hours it was out there.  Because if the insulation, it did not sweat like a non insulated bucket would.  The ice melted over the course of a few hours, but even after five hours at the BBQ, the soda cans were still cool and drinkable.

When it was time to go home, draining the bucket was easy.  We just took it over to a tree in the yard and popped the plug off (trying to use water as wisely as possible with the drought here in California).  The plug cover stays attached to the bucket, so you don't have to worry about losing it.  When the bucket was drained, we just plugged it back up and put the bucket and few remaining sodas back into the trunk and headed home.  I may have to try this out when we go camping.  Because of all the kids always in and out of the ice chest, we lose a lot of ice.  I may load up the bucket with ice, juices, soda, and water in the morning and just keep it covered with a towel and let the kids have at it.

If purple is not your thing, Igloo has you covered.  The Party Bucket also somes in red, blue, and grey

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