Saturday, April 4, 2015

Evanger's Beef Hearts Treats for Dogs & Cats from #Review

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Written By:  Bobbie

Once again the furbabies received a box from  This time around they received a sample of Evanger's Beef Hearts Freeze-Dried Dog & Cat Treats in exchange for their honest review.  Evanger's Beef hearts, are freeze-dried, and and contain no other ingredients or flavoring, just the beef hearts.  To me they smelled like beef jerky.

The Kitty Overloards got the first crack at the treats.  Haggis (grey kitty) was first on the scene as I opened up this box of goodies.  The beef hearts are in large chunks, and are very crunchy.  Haggis decided he could not wait and dragged out one of the pieces from the box.  He tried to chew off a corner, but it was too hard for him so he ended up just licking the piece like crazy.  I finally got brave and took the piece away so I could break off a piece for him, which he instantly devoured.  My other cat Sherbert is not treat motivated, but he came by, took a lick then decided to wander off.

I took out a few pieces to break up and store in the house for Haggis, then headed outside with the rest of the treats for our dog Shiloh, who just loves it when it is time to work.  I did not get a chance to give him the beef heart before I saw him drooling.  I tried not to tease him too much as I tried to get a picture of one of the larger beef heart chunks and when I finally let him have the threat, I could hear him crunching away on it.  It did break apart and fall into the grass in smaller pieces, so he was occupied for a little while finding all bits that dropped, which he seemed to enjoy the whole time.

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