Monday, April 6, 2015

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Written By: Bobbie

For some reason fingernail clippers seems to be a scarce commodity in my house.  It's not that I don't have them, but they seen to get lost because they are so small.  Clyppi sent me their line of nail clippers in exchange for my honest review.

My first impressions of the Clyppi nail clipper set was they they are more rugged than the ones that I have running around the house.  The nail clipper is larger than the one I have, and the toe nail clipper is pretty rugged.  My older daughter had some dragon nails that needed taming, so she was first to use the fingernail clippers.  She likes that the end of the clippers do not taper, and instead get larger, and broader and seems to give a more secure grip.  They are easy to use and did not require a lot of effort to clip her nails.

I was up next with the toe nail clippers.  The last pair of toe nail clippers I owned were over 20 years old, and I broke them a few years ago, so I've just been using tiny finger nail clippers.  I won't traumatize you with pictures of my feet, but the toe nail clippers made clipping a breeze.  Because of the broad tipped end, and longer base, I was easily able easily and cleanly clip my toenails.  There is a small file built into the handle of the clipper, so no worries about poking yourself, or someone else when you need to file a rough edge of nail.

I am liking the case that comes with the nail clipper set with case.  It's a perfect fit for both the fingernail and toenail clippers, and is easy for me to find in the drawer.  My older daughter is slowly packing to fly the coop, so I gave her a nail clipper set to pack away for after she finishes with Navy boot camp.  She gave a hoot and a grin knowing she would have no issues keeping her nails neat and trim for her soon to be military career.

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