Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Between my girls and myself, we have a lot of gadgets, and when we are on the go with day trips, that means gadgets are getting drained on the way to our destination, and more often than not, no juice left in the gadgets on the way home, so the girls are bored and usually bicker most of the way home.  This makes for a long ride home, and hopefully a thing of the past with the Zoom Z-6000 Power Bank that I received in exchange for my honest review.  The Zoom power bank is an iPhone charger, cell phone charger, and just all around portable charger.

First impressions, the box is cute!  Once the shrink wrap was off, it was easy to flip the box open.  Right on top was an instruction manual, and a thank you note from Zoom.  Under that the power bank wrapped up in a plastic, and under that the cord.  I took the power bank out of the plastic and was surprised at how light it is.  I liked the feel of the aluminum, both the brushed and the polished.  After my older daughter snatched the power bank out of my hands and attempted to stake her claim on it, I checked out the cord.


I am digging the cord, as it is an all in one!  This feature is pretty important to me as my household has an iPhone, iPad, Kindles, and cell phones.  The cord with this one power bank will fit all my devices!  One end is a USB cord, and the other end splits into a micro USB, Apple lightning, and Apple 30 pin cords.  Perfect for my household and all its tech devices.

The Zoom Z-6000 arrived with a partial charge of roughly 50%-75%.  That's my best guess since the 3rd light out of the 4 was blinking.  I plugged it into my power strip with the included cable and let it fully charge.  After it was charged I tested out on my iPad 2.  My iPad 2 went from 34% to 100% in just a little over 4 hours.  That one charge pretty much was all the power bank had in it, but given the battery size of the iPad, I was pretty impressed.

I hooked the power bank back up to the power strip and let it recharge over night.  It was on the power strip for about 9 hours while I snoozed, and after it was fully charged and still cool to the touch.

I hooked up my Kindle Fire 8.9 HDX into the 2.1A port and set it aside to charge.  It was at 25% when  I started.  About 30 minutes into charging my Kindle I decided to see how it would deal with charging two devices at the same time, so I plugged in my iPhone 6 Plus.  My iPhone was at 37% when I plugged it in.  Same cord, both battery hogging devices.  After about 30 minutes of both devices charging, I picked up the battery, and felt that it was warm, but not alarmingly so.  The battery indicator on the charger was down to 2 solid lights.  Not at all surprising given the drain it was going through with two battery hogs.  About 90 minutes later the charger was dead.  My  Kindle was up to 79% and my iPhone was up to 72%.

I love the magenta color of this, it is just not pink enough that I really like it, and my older daughter  who hates pink, is really trying to steal this power bank from me.  She says it's the perfect back up when the power strips around the house are full.  I think the Zoom Z-6000 power bank has a sleek and sexy design to it, and I look forward to future travel trips.

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