Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Written By:  Bobbie

The box is here!  The box is here!  My older daughter was a spaz when the Show Your Disney Side @Home Celebration party box finally showed up, all 22 lbs of it.  Then I dashed all her hopes when I told her we could not open it until her younger sister was home, four hours later.  What a mean mommy.

My younger daughter was trying to be a good sport when we opened up the box, but she was battling a bum knee, and had just gotten home from.  I'm sure its not fun to try and go up and down stairs with crutches getting from one class to another (she is all healed up now).

I could not believe everything that was crammed into the box.  There were all sorts of paper games and activities, Mickey cake pan, Twinings Tea, paper goods, a box of All Detergent, party decorations, Soy Say Teriyaki sauce, Wish Detergent, Duff cake mix, a coupon for free product from Beyond Meat, HP printing paper, and some party favors like Disney stickers and pencils to pass out to party guests as well.  The stuff we picked up from our shopping trip fit in perfectly with what came in the box.

My cat Sherbert wanted to get into the spirit and show his Disney Side as well.  I was not allowed to throw the box away for several days as he staked it out as his new favorite hiding spot.

Show Your Disney Side

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