Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Splendid Chef Garlic and Ginger Press Review #splendidchef

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Written By: Bobbie

Garlic is one of those things that I use in just about everything I cook.  Splendid Chef sent me a garlic and ginger press in exchange for my honest review.

My first impression upon taking that garlic press out of the box was that it had a heft to it.  It is stainless steel and it just feels sturdier than a plastic one that had broken on me a few years ago.  The well on the garlic press is pretty deep, and can easily fit two or three cloves of garlic in there.  The press holes are large enough to make using it easy, and it produces bits of garlic, not just juice and pulp.  The handles did not hurt my hand as I was using it, and I felt that I had a secure grip the whole time.


A quick scrape of my knife along the surface and I had fresh garlic in my pan for my pasta sauce I was making for dinner.  There was really nothing left in the press but a thin skin, once I pulled that up, cleaning was a breeze.  I was a little concerned that there was not cleaner included, and figured that I would have to get out a tooth pick to clean out the press holes.  This was actually a non issue.  Once I pulled the thin layer of garlic out of the well,  the holes are just large enough that running my fingers along the surface was enough to remove any remaining garlic bits.  The entire press 'flips' backwards and makes it easy to get into the well to clean.


For some extra cleaning, I threw it into the top rack of dishwasher.  It came out sparkling clean and without a hint of rust showing anywhere after being left in the washer overnight.  I have not yet tried this with ginger, since I do not cook with it as much, but I will be giving it a whirl the next time I have a recipe that does call for ginger.
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