Thursday, March 5, 2015

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Written By: Bobbie

The Ugly

My goal for this week was to log all my bites, licks, and tastes with MyFitnessPal, that lasted ONE day.  Not sure where my head went, but I just never seemed to get around to it this week.  I would log my breakfast, and maybe lunch and snacks, then fall out completely with dinner.

I did not synch my Up by Jawbone twice a day like I usually do.  As a result the battery drained lower than I usually let it since I did not see the battery status, and it did not track my steps as well as it usualy does.

The Bad

If my scale had a face, I would probably punch it square in the nose.  I made the mistake on hopping on it every day this week, sometimes several times a day.  According to the scale my weight has shot up within 2 pounds of my original starting weight, and down as low as 15 lbs from my starting weight.  Of course the low weight is never on my weigh in day for these weekly updates.  I've replaced the old batteries in my scale with fresh batteries as of this morning.

The Good

I did three days of walking this week!  Not just stepping with the Wii, but actually getting outside and walking around the block and hitting the mall!  I noticed that I take more steps in less time when I'm moving around outside that jogging around the house with the Wii.

Goals for Week:

I am not sure what my goals are for this next week.   I'll be leaving for a conference in Chicago for 5 days and meeting up with a couple other bloggers.  I guess my goal will to only eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full.  Given the nature of this conference, walking will only be an issue on Fiday when I fly out.  All other days should be a few miles a day walking.

End Result for Week

Down 0.4 lbs.  Heading back in the right direction!

Total Weight Lost

Down 8.6 lbs.  Slow and steady.  I'll hit that 52 lb goal sooner or later!

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