Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Written By: Bobbie

I am pleased to report that I am finally feeling better.  What ever combination of head cold and allergies I had really threw me for a loop for most of this week.  Given my goal was to just survive the cold, I'm already happy with any results.  

The Ugly

I don't think I logged a single thing on MyFitnessPal.  Eating was sparse enough to begin with, and what I did eat was not the healthiest as I was just going for caloric intake and what I could keep down without feeling sick, just to keep some semblance of energy up.

The Bad

Movement was pretty low on the priority list.  I did manage to sync my Up by Jawbone with my phone, and Monday was really bad, I did not even make it to 2,000 steps.  I generally have that many steps by lunch time.

The Good

I was on top of my water intake.  I even managed to get some extra in most days!  Partly because I just did not have the energy to put anything together to eat, but mostly because of my neat water bottle from Contigo.  This thing is pretty awesome as it has a removable hard plastic straw that is perfectly tilted to get almost all the water out, is spill proof when the straw is down (I knocked it over more times than I can count), easy to open with a push of a button, and easy to close with just a thumb.  I like the little loop as I was dragging the bottle around the house with me while I was sick.  I was able to mindlessly keep my water intake up, and I knew that if I polished off three bottles, I had 9 glasses of water for the day.

Goals for Week

I need to get back to movement and logging food.  Looking back as past posts, logging food is really my main issue as I tend to mindlessly eat.  Movement should not be to hard and spring is in full force in my neck of the woods.

End Result for Week

Down 1.7 lbs.  Yeah, headed back in the right direction, even if it was just because I was sick.  Now to work on doing it the right way.

Total Weight Lost

Down 9.8 lbs.

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