Friday, March 13, 2015

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Written By: Bobbie

I was barely home this week.  Thursday was a packing and cleaning day at home, and at 2 am Friday morning I was up and heading out to Chicago for the International Home and Housewares Show.  I knew it was going to be a long busy weekend, and my only goal for the week was to not eat myself silly.  I made sure my Up by Jawbone was charged and ready to go, but had the charger in my luggage just in case.

The Ugly

I do not sleep well when I'm traveling, and I replaced sleep with calories.  My morning breakfast consisted of large mocha's and chocolate stuffed pastries, and it happened for a few mornings.  It got me through the day, and I was not too cranky spanky.  Breakfast and lunch were kind of interchangeable depending on when I was able to get to a coffee shop.

The Bad

I had a hard time staying hydrated.  I was running from booth to booth at the show, and even with a water bottle in my bag, finding a fountain to refill was a bit of a stretch.  I did my best, and only ran a little on the dehydrated side this week.

The Good

I walked this week, boy oh boy did I walk!  I was at the McCormick Place for the conference for four days.  Those 4 days I took almost 50,000 steps and walked over 22 miles!  The only day this week I did not hit my personal goal of 5,500 steps a day was Wednesday.  I made it home just a little after midnight, and passed out hard.  Even with dragging between lack of sleep, jet lag, and a time change thrown in, I somehow managed 4,600 steps.

Goals for Week

Track all my food intake with MyFritessPal.

End Result for Week

Down 2.7 lbs.

Total Weight Lost

Down 10.3 lbs.  Rocking and rolling!

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