Monday, March 2, 2015

#iArrow Tempered Glass iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector Review

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Written By: Bobbie

I finally got around up upgrading my old iPhone 4, and went big with an iPhone 6 Plus.  Of course with a new phone comes new case and new screen protectors.  I first bought a plastic screen protector for my phone, and it did what I thought was a fine job.  Then I had the opportunity to try a tempered glass screen protector from iArrow in exchange for my honest review.

I had looked at glass screen protectors before with my other touch screen gadgets, but just never got around to trying them out, so I was curious to see if there was really a difference in the overall feel and if it would slow down the touch screen responsiveness.

The iArrow Armoured Glass Screen Protector comes with everything you need to install your new glass screen protector:

Cleaning cloth
Isopropyl alcohol solution prep pad
Suction cups
Step-by-step guide
Glass screen protector

With my two daughter's and my own love of all things tech, installing screen protectors is like second nature.  A couple of tips.  Clear off some counter space in the bathroom, and install the screen protector shorty after a hot shower.  Why?  The steam will help settle any tiny particles floating around and help prevent the dreaded air bubbles caused by them.  I waited a few minutes so that the steam layer was above the counter area so I could see what I was doing, but still avoided any excessive moisture exposure to my phone.  I also had a long strip of packing tape handy.  This is a great way to pick up any unseen particles off the phone, and if necessary off the sticky side of the screen protector.

I first laid out everything on the counter and read the directions.  They are pretty straight forward, wash your hands, wipe phone with cleaning cloths, place suction cup on front of glass, remove backing from sticky side, align on phone, press down to install, squeegee out any air bubbles.  My install was a little bit more complicated than that, but I ended up with a bubble free installation after my added steps.

I first washed my hands and dried them with one of my own larger micro cleaning cloths to reduce any small particles on my hands.  I then wiped my phone down with the included dry cleaning cloth to get rid of any major debris.  Next I used the alcohol pad to clean up any tiny debris, and remove grease and who knows what from the glass on my phone.  I then used the included dry cloth again to completely dry my phone.  I have to say, the included cloth is very small, hard to manuver, and ended up leaving more bits of thread from the edges than cleaning it.  I ended up rubbing the glass surface down with the alcohol pad again and then drying it with my own microfiber cloth.  At this point I took my strip of packing tape and laid it across my phone lengthwise and width wise several times to pick up any tiny particles that may have been left behind.  I looked at my phone from all angles looking for any specks that would cause problems, and kept repeating the process till I was sure my glass was prepped and ready for the screen protector to be installed.

I removed the screen protector from its thin foam sleeve, and placed one suction cup on the upper half.  After making sure the suction cup was secured, I gave my phone one more look over to be sure it was free of any bubble causing particles, then stripped off the protective backing.  I hovered the screen protector over my phone and set just the very edge down of one corner to help me stabilize it, and started lining it up.  This is part of the process is not my strong point, so it took me a couple of minutes before I had it all lined up the way that I was happy with,  I finally settled the glass down on top and then the magic happened.  I had pressed down on the top left corner when I laid the screen protector on my phone, and it just started to lock it's self into place.  I could actually see the screen protector adhering to my phone, like water spreading on litmus paper.  It was one of the coolest things I've seen, and I was able to catch the tail end of it with my camera.

The glass screen protector installed flawlessly.  Not a single air bubble to be found anywhere.  I knew when I bought my iPhone 6 Plus that the curved glass presented a bit of a problem for full glass protection coverage.  This glass protector covers the full touch screen left to right, and goes from the top where there is a small cut out for whatever that sensor is above the ear piece to the bottom home button, where there is another cut out.  The glass of the screen protector feels rounded as well.  It does not have a sharp feel when I run my finger along the edges.  This screen protector has not interfered in any way with either of my two cases that I currently have, and I have not noticed any lag time with the touch screen.  It does not have an anti-glare to it, so watch out if you are in the sun,  It is a crystal clear protector that is not distorting my screen in any way.


I did stop my review shy of actually trying to crack the glass while on my phone to see how the the protection is.  Have I dropped my phone by accident?  Yes I have, I'm that accident prone, which is why I always have it in some sort of case and always have a screen protector on it.  I've also tossed my keys and my phone into my purse, without any hesitation or worry that my glass would get scratched because I have the glass protector on top.  I've actually had the glass installed for a couple weeks as of writing this post, and I can't see a single scratch on it.  Fingerprints and smudges yes, scratches, no.  With my old plastic screen protectors, I have always seen scratches just from my nails and callouses.  I don't think I'm ever going back to plastic screen protectors again.

iArrow Tempered Glass Screen Protector  is available for purchase on Amazon:

iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6 (4.7 inch ONLY)
IPhone 5/5S/5C
Samsung Galaxy S5

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