Monday, March 30, 2015

iArmour iPhone 6 PLUS Wallet Case ~ Protection and Storage Without the Bulk #Review

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Written By:  Bobbie

I am constantly swapping out phone cases based on what I need it for, and I think I've found the perfect day trip case with the iArmour iPhone 6 PLUS Wallet Case with RFID blocking technology.  I received this case from iArmour in exchange for my honest review.

My family loves to hit our local theme park, and over the years I've reduced what I carry into the park.  Mostly because they no longer allow riders to toss backpacks across the platforms and just pick them up when the ride is over.  I get it, I'm sure there was a lot of theft that the theme park really had no way of preventing, and I refuse to pay a locker storage fee for every ride I go on.

The iArmour iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case just may be the perfect solution for me.  I've not had a chance to go out on a day trip with this yet, but I have been using it for everyday running around town.  The case was easily to slip on, and I have full access to all of the ports and buttons.  I' have not had problems with any of my charging cables not connecting while the case is on and the power and volume buttons are still easily used.  The only issue I see for people with short nails is with the mute switch, I can't use my thumb nail to flip the switch, as it won't fit into the access area, I have to use my index finger.  Not really a negative as the switch seems like it will be fully protected if dropped on it, just something I wanted to point out if you use the mute switch a lot.

The back camera is still fully functional, and I' have not noticed any difference is picture quality, with or without flash.  I like that there is extra padding along the corners, and the front of the case does not interfere with my glass screen protector.  The storage slot is just thick enough to throw in my driver license, two credit cards and a bill or two.  It's a tight fit, but it works.  I've dashed out of the house several times just to pick my younger daughter up from school and it was great to just grab my phone and go, no bulky purse.

The iArmour does not add a lot of bulk to the phone, this is a huge deal for me, because the iPhone 6 PLUS is pretty large to begin with.  It still fits into my car cellphone holder and the case is smooth, but not slippery, and is comfortable for me to hold for for an extended length of time.  Because it goes not add an excessive amount of bulk, I am able to slip it into my back pocket and go on my merry way.  This is going to be perfect when we hit the theme park this year.  I can breeze through security, have some cash, credit cards, on hand, and not worry about carrying around a purse, back pack, or even a fanny pack as I have in years past.

Available for purchase on Amazon for iPhone and iPhone 6 PLUS

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