Monday, March 16, 2015

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Written By:  Bobbie

I love having plastic bags around the house for quick throw away garbage bags, cleaning the cat box, and to line the bathroom trash bins with, but storage is sometimes unsightly and not always in the most convenient room in the house.  Recently I was given the opportunity to try out Handi Hanger in exchange for my honest review.

The packaging comes very simple, was easy for me to open, and the install instructions are on the back.  It comes with a set of hangers and 2 screws.  You just a Phillips screwdriver, some arm muscle, and a measuring tape.  If you happen to have a hand boring tool, this may go easier to help get the screws in.  I did not need one with my bathroom cupboard.


I have to put out there, I have deceptively shallow cupboard face in my bathroom.  They have a thick molding, so they look like deep wood cupboards, but in reality are pretty shallow.  The screws are pretty short, and some of the length is used up because they go through the Handi Hanger bracket before going into the cupboard.  Hindsight is always 20/20, so if you  are looking to install on a cupboard door, be sure it is thick enough.


I busted out with my measuring tape to make sure I had proper side clearance as shown on the instructions, and then marked out another 10 inches across to install the second bracket.  I was not worried about it being perfectly even across, so I just eye balled it.  


Installation was pretty quick and easy!  It took a little muscle to get the screws started because I do not have a hand boring tool, but with a little persistence, I was able get get all 4 screws in.  As I mentioned before, I did not realize just how shallow my cupboards were, but luckily I had my fingertips on the front of the cupboard and felt when the screw started to poke through.  I immediately backed the screw out a little and decided the damage was negligible given I have claw marks all over the place already from my cats jumping up and down from the counter.


The Handi Hanger is pretty study and I crammed a plastic bag full with more plastic bags so that I'm not running across the house to the kitchen to grab more.  When I empty the bathroom trash, I just open the cupboard and grab another bag to line my trash bin with.  Other than my one little almost poke through with the first screw, there is no damage to the outside  cupboard, and again, I just have a very thin cupboard face in this bathroom.  After 15 years and two cats, it's the least of my worries, and I don't even notice it.  My kitchen and second bathroom have much thicker wood face cupboards, and this would not have been an issue if I had installed it in either place instead.  I am thinking about buying a second one to install on the wall next to the cat box.

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