Saturday, March 14, 2015

Blue Buffalo Blue Bones Dental Chews Review by Shiloh #Chewy

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Written By:  Bobbie

Once again Shiloh is showing off his working side.  He has such a hard job reviewing tasty treats from  This time around he was sent Blue Buffalo Blue Bones Large Dental Chews Dog Treats in exchange for his honest review.  He's gotta earn his keep around here some how ya know!

Needless to say he was up for the task.  It's tough not to bite mommy's fingers when I am handing out such yummy treats.  Thankfully the bones are large enough that Shiloh was able to grab ahold of it and gnaw a little before I let go for him to savor his dog treat.  I really like the size of these bones.  Shiloh is a large dog at 65 lbs. and these bones last more than just a few chomps.  It was cute to see him prop the dental chew bone up between his paws and just gnaw, lick ,and chew the thing to death.

The first three ingredients of these bones are, whole ground potato, whole ground rice, and water.  The bones are also wheat free, contain Vitamin A, C, and E supplements, and are made right here in the USA.  I'm not one to sniff Shiloh's breath much, but he did not gross me out when he got up close and personal shortly after chewing on one of these bones.

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