Friday, February 6, 2015

Smittens Cat Treats Turned Haggis into a Shark #Review #Chewy

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Written By Bobbie

This time around Haggis (grey kitty) and Sherbert (orange kitty) were given a box of The Honest Kitchen Smittens Pure Dehydrated Icelandic Haddock Cat Treats in exhange for their honest review from  Sherbert as always is first on the scene of a new box, I mean new review item.

Not long after I opened up the bag inside the check out the treat, Haggis made his apperance.  I was busily check out the "Actual Size" claim on the front of the box with one of the treats (which was spot on) when Haggis came in like a little shark in chummed waters.  I did not take him long to find the treat on the box (upper right corner) because it has a pretty good fish sent to it.  This makes sense as the one and only ingredient is dehydrated Haddock.  He snagged the treat and took off with it, then circled back looking for more.

The treats are perfect cat sized, and from the munching I heard, they are crunchy, but not to hard.  Haggis is a bit of a don't-touch-me kitty, but I was able to pet him as long as he was busy eating a treat.  These treats easily skitter across the vinyl in the kitchen floor, and Haggis has a fun time playing with them under the kitchen table and chairs for a while before he eats one.

Sherbert as always is a much harder sell.  He is not a treat motivated kitty, which is rather suprising given his size.  He sniffed around for a bit before deciding to give it a try, and seems to like them well enough.  He actually refused some treats at a recent vet visit, so any treat he eats must taste pretty good.

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