Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Purex PowerShot Review & Giveaway

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Written By Bobbie

Laundry is one of those dreaded chores in my house.  It seems like every time I pull out another bottle of detergent to use, both my daughters are asking me how much they are supposed to use.  With the new bottle of Purex PowerShot in the house, the question changed from, "How much do I use?" to, "How do I use this thing?”  

The concept of the bottle is great.  There is no more measuring out the laundry detergent.  Just pop the top open; pour the detergent into the washing machine, and set it back on your shelf and it automatically fills back up for your next load!  This is a great no spill detergent bottle (it's been tipped over a few time on top of my dryer) and it's easy to use with your left or your right hand.  The bottle is not too heavy even though it has enough in it for 45 loads of laundry (at one dose of detergent per load).

I've washed several loads with the new Purex PowerShot, and everything has come out clean.  I did have one laundry load that was a bit bigger, and dirtier than the others, so I did as directed on the back of the bottle and used two shots of detergent instead of one.  My towels are fluffy, hubby's work clothes are clean, sheets smell fantastic, and I love how my clothes look and feel.  Purex PowerShot comes in two scents, Mountain Breeze, and Natural Elements Linen & Lilies.

How easy is it to use Purex PowerShot?  Check out my short video to see.

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