Thursday, February 12, 2015

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Written By Bobbie

A friend of mine posted this on my page, and I just died laughing,  This is pretty much how my cat look in his bed.  We won't discuss me and my pants.  It's been one of those weeks where I'm human.  I can't be perfect every day, I'm just plugging long and doing the best I can.
The Ugly

I had a family pot luck dinner followed the next day with a birthday party at an ice cream parlor.  I was human, and enjoyed good food and good company both days.  I logged everything the best I could with MyFitnessPal.  I was please to see that it even had Peurto Rican Pasteles in the database.

The Bad

Having one of those 'blah' weeks.  Sadly these weeks happen every month.  This last week I just wanted to graze all day, and it has nothing to do with feeling hungry.  Having hubby and the girls home and wanting breakfast, lunch, and dinner did not help.

The Good

I am mostly keeping up on my water intake.  I've been adding Crystal Light to carbonated water so I get the bubbles and sweet of soda, without the calories.  I am still getting up and wandering around the house to clean somethings most times my Up by Jawbone zings me.

Goals for Week 7

I don't have any major food events planned for this week, so my goal is to stay within my alloted calories this week.

End Result for Week 6

Up 0.08.  Not horrible given the last week.

Total Weight Lost

Down 9.8.  I seem to have a pattern of loose 1-2, gain 1, so as long as I keep losing more than I gain, I'm happy with that.