Friday, February 6, 2015

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Written By Bobbie

Ever have one of those weeks where everything seems stacked against you?  I totally had that week.  I weigh myself every Thursday morning for the weekly updates, and then reflect on the week that I've had since the last weighed it.  This last week has been a doozie.  Hubby was home Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and when he's home, my eating goes up and my movement goes down.  I just shook my head, and was ready to charge move forward with Monday.  I then received a call from my older daughter Monday morning, and she tells me that she will be sworn in with the Navy sometime during the day, but had no idea when.  I was down in the office from 11:00 am till almost 5:30.  Keep in mind, I don't eat breakfast, I barely grabbed a couple snack bars for a lunch, the drink vending machine was out of water, and the food was all snack foods.  I split a sandwich with my daughter, and waited, and waited and waited.  Movement was out the door because there were so many other families that the chances of me getting a seat again were slim to none.  In hindsight, that would have helped me get my daily steps goal done.  Tuesday and Wednesday were not bad, but again for some reason, I just never seemed to be home and always in my car driving here and there.

The Ugly

Tanked on all of last weeks goals in every way possible.  Worst day was Saturday.  My daughter made pancakes, so I had a modest breakfast, then a bit of a piggy lunch with grilled cheese sandwich, with extra cheese (it was fantastic) then my hubby announces we are going to out favorite ice cream parlor for dinner and dessert.

The Bad

Water intake was down this week with so much running around.

The Good

I still logged all my food.  Even when we went to the ice cream parlor, I was using MyFitnessPal to help choose what I was going to eat for dinner (local restaurant, so no calories on the menu).  I loved my dinner, and yeah, dessert was not to shabby either.  I totally heifered out and ate one of those ice cream creations all by myself, and did my best to log what I though was in mine, including the cherry on top.

Goals for Week 6

Get back to my water intake.  Not sure if my toes and calves trying to cramp up was related, but I found it funny I had the issue the very same week I went back to almost no water intake.  Move when my Jawbone zings me.

End Result for Week 5

Down 3.8 lbs.  Complete shocker!  I guess really paying attention to what I eat and drink, even in the worst situations possible pays off in the long run

Total Weight Lost

Down 10.6 lbs!  I am starting to really notice it with my pants.  My size 18's were never tight, but now they are getting a little too loose.  My 16 Levi's no longer look like muffing top explosion when I put them on.  They are a little tight, but that muffin top is almost gone.  I think my butt has shrunk a little, because my pants seem to be getting a little longer.  I'll take it!