Wednesday, February 4, 2015

InsideSmarts Premium Delicates Laundry Bags Review ~ The Difference is Noticable #Laundry

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Written By Bobbie

I was given an opportunity to check out InsideSmarts Premium Delicates Laundry Bags in exchnge for my honest review.  I was excited to have the oppertunity for this review as I'd have my current laundry bags for several years, and I've also had to start sharing them with both my daughters as they have grown up, and it seems there is always a shortage of laundry bags when we are all lining up the baskets waiting for the dryer to finish so we can swap out the laundry loads.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package, these bags are HUGE!  Even the medium bags were larger that my old ones.  I also like that the mesh is so much smaller.  I have a tear in one of  my older bags because it snagged on something.  I'm not sure what ripped it, but now I refuse to use the bag on any of my good delicates, and reserve it for somthing that on it's way out to the trash anyways.  The plastic zippers are a sturdy plastic, and I love the large tab on them.  They are easy to grab and slide open and closed.

The InsideSmarts Premium Delicates Laundry Bag set I received had 4 bags in it,  2 Medium Bags (12" x 15") that are white, and 2 Large Bags (16" x 19"), one white and one black.  I think my favorite feature of these mesh bags is the little elastic band to tuck the zipper tab under.  My old bags have managed to open up in the past one time or another, and my delicates will snag on something, or worse, something will snag them.  These new laundry bags have been through several loads, and not once has the tab slipped out from under the elastic.  It's easy to push the tab under the elastic, and just as easy to tull the tab out from under there.  Added bonus, because they are plastic, they go not get hot like the metal zippers.  It is safe to drag your clothes out of the dryer piping hot and get your goodies out of the bags if you are in a hurry.

I love the the large bags for my delicate sweaters and even all of my bulkier scarves.  I like that the items HAVE the room to move around in the bag, even if they are bunched up into a corner when I pull them out of the washer.  Everything that I have stuffed into the bags have been  perfectly dry with one spin in the dryer, so I'll assume everything is moving and tumbing as it should.  I don't hear as much clanking in the dryer when I use these bags, like I did with the old ones.  I figure that is because the zipper tab is tucked behind the elastic band.

Be sure to check out this InsideSmarts  You Tube Video as well for even more ways to use these great laundry bags.

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