Friday, January 9, 2015

Snuggle Trinket Box #CraftyPaws #contestentry

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Written By Bobbie:

Snuggle sent over a box full of dryer sheets to unleash my crafty side.  I told my oldest daughter about this mission, and she immediately claimed the project.  She ended up making a TARDIS Trinket Box.  We still have to run to the craft store and figure out how to rig up a magnetic clap, but everything else she did at home with supplies we had on hand.

I dragged out the paint drawer, paint brushes and told her she was on her own.  She started by mixing some blue and white until she had the best TARDIS blue she could get and painted to top of the box and let it dry.  Then she outlined the TARDIS in a grey paint, and painted in all the details, complete with light at the top and POLICE BOX.

At this point, she declared the project done.  I quickly reminded her that it had to be HOLIDAY themed, and she glared at me.  She then grabbed another brush and started painting in a snow drift with white paint.  She had a little too much fun adding the snow drift, and cackled something about "Aggression Therapy" when I walked by.   After that was dried, she added falling show with a tiny brush and just did little dabs all over the place.

Once again she let the paint dry, then started in on the sides.  To give it a more holiday feel, she painted the sides red.  When that was dry she added white stripes to make it look like a candy cane, and then added some glitter while the white paint was still wet.

Her new trinket box is already filled with bits and bobbles, and has a place of honor on top of her dresser,