Friday, January 2, 2015

Perk TV ~ Watch videos and earn gift cards

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Written By Bobbie

I stumbled upon Perk TV by accident.  The idea is pretty simple, watch videos to earn points.  The app is pretty easy to navigate, and once in a while you have to confirm that you are still watching the videos.  Build up points to redeem for gift cards from $2 to $200 from a wide variety of places like Amazon, CVS, iTunes, Best Buy and so many more.  You also have the option to trade in points for products such as Perk TV branded merchandise, some electronics, or you can donate your points to charity.  Rewards are processed three times a week, so there is very little delay from when you redeem your points, to when you receive your reward.

Perk TV is available at:
Google Play
iTunes ~ Search for Perk TV

If you decide to give Perk TV a whirl, please use my referral code b75efe1d and you will start your account off with 50 bonus points!

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