Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Written By Bobbie

I am really not sure what to make of this week.  I was never starving for food, but I know that I did not eat a lot of good things.  Hubby's nephew and his wife brought their newborn daughter up to be introduced to the family, and a bunch of us ended up going out to dinner at a family style Asian restaurant.  I did my best to eat slow (chopsticks do nothing to slow me down) and stop when I felt full, and drank a couple glasses of water with dinner.  I added a random number of 1,200 calories for dinner that night to MyFitnessPal, just to log something.

Another problem I am fighting is my own self control.  While hubby is 110% supportive of my weight loss efforts, and eats whatever I make for dinner (low fat/caloric or otherwise), he is struggling to keep his weight UP!  I sent him to work one day (mail man) with the Up by Jawbone, and he walks a jaw dropping 30K steps a day on his delivery route.  I've always heard that when you walk 10K steps a day, you can just about eat what ever you want.  With him and his 30K steps a day, that is true, and them some!  I keep the house stocked with an assortment of pastries and snacks for him, and I keep dipping into it.  I really do not need to have that 200 calorie toaster pastry for a snack, but once in a while I can't resist!

The Ugly

Toaster pastries are NOT MY FRIEND.  Well not at this point and time they are not anyways.  I have to get my sweet tooth in check.  Circus Animals are not on my friend list either, and I may have to apologize to hubby for offering me a handful of the delectable cookies after dinner one night.  I was in a snap and growl mood after watching him pop a bunch into his mouth and complaining that he's still losing weight.

The Bad

Only hit my goal of 5,000 steps a day 5 of the 7 days.  I was around 3,900 steps the two days I missed.  On a good note, my daily steps average was 5,564 over the week, so I have some great days, and some not so great days.

The Good

Managed to keep to my goal of a minimum 4 glasses of water a day for 6 days.  I'm sure this has a large part of making sure I do not feel like I'm starving to death between meals.

Only had one day that I was over my calorie intake set my MyFitnessPal, and that was the day that the baby was here and we all went out to dinner.  I've been good with using all my measuring cups and measuring spoons, and setting up dinner recipes in MyFitnessPal so I can watch my calorie intake.

Goals for Week 5

Up my daily steps to 5,500 and hit that goal every day (I hate all types of exercise, so this really is pushing the bar for me)

MyFitnessPal will give me extra calories to eat based on my exercise throughout the day, I don't want to  eat those calories.

End Result for Week 4

Up 0.4 lbs.  OK, so I'm not exactly thrilled with this, it IS in the wrong direction.  I refuse to let this get me down through.  This whole thing is a learning process and I am moving forward.

Total Weight Lost

Down 6.8 lbs.  Not to shabby for 4 weeks.