Thursday, January 22, 2015

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Written By Bobbie

For some reason, it's been a rough week.  I think my body is holding onto my fat cells for all it's worth, given the amount of weight I dropped the first two weeks.  I think I also got a little cocky and just did not put as much effort into this week as I did the first two weeks.

The Ugly 

Water intake tanked.  I can't really pin point how or why this happened, but it did.  I barely bothered to log my water with MyFitnessPal.  Guess that is a goal for me to work on again.

I think not having a very defined goal made me slack off everything in general.

The Bad

Portion control.  I slacked off with watching my portions.  What I thought was half a cup, was in reality closer to 3/4 of a cup, if not an overflowing cup.  I've since found my measuring cups to help with this.  Now to just remember to use them.

The Good

I have a pair of pants that are baggy, even fresh out of the dryer.  I just might be able to break out with some cute belts I have pretty soon!  I'll have to dig in the back of the closet and see where they are buried.

I mostly moved around when my Up by Jawbone zinged me, even during Scrabble games.

Goals for Week 4

Minimum of 4 cups of water a day.
5000 steps a day.

End Result for Week 3

Down 0.2 lbs

Total Weight Lost

7.2 lbs  ~ I am actually very happy with that.  I want a general downward trend, and I'm still ahead of the game with it only being the third week.  Weeks like this are why I did not want to focus in a pound a week.  Any loss is a victory.  I chopped off the first two numbers from my weight chart, but you can see, its a downward trend overall.