Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Written By Bobbie

I fully admit that I am one of those people starts off every New Year with resolutions, and one of my resolutions is that I WILL loose some weight.  I am lucky that despite the extra fluff I have packed on, I don't have any health conditions associated with it, and lead a fairly active lifestyle.  I'm not out running marathons, but I can keep up with my ultra fit mailman hubby (who walks around 12 miles a day at work) when we are out walking around on day trips and on vacations.

After my initial weight loss declarations, I do really well, for like a week.  I never fully have a plan or a goal in place to carry me through the entire year.  This year is different.  I have a defined goal of losing 52 lbs in 52 weeks.  It took a long time to gain all this weight, and it's gonna take a long time to lose this weight.  I'm not looking at one pound a week, as I know some days and weeks I will gain, and other days and weeks I will lose more.  What I want is just a general downward trend.  52 lbs is not even all the weight I want to lose, I could easily stand to lose another 20 or 30, but I'm looking at this year only, and will assess my situation as I go along.  I have been up and down the scale over the years, and I am not looking to drop back down to my old weight in high school, or even  down to single digit pant size.  I did that once before and was miserable.  I felt like I was always starving myself and even my hubby said that I was way too thin.

My plan of attack is not quiet fully fleshed out, but I have already prepped myself with some actions.  First and foremost, I am logging all the food I eat.  I've chosen MyFitnessPal as my weapon of choice for food tracking.  It is both a website and a smart phone app that I have been using off and on for the last 8ish months.  I like how it is set up, and the bar code scanning in the app is awesome.  It also integrates with a variety of fitness trackers, so keeping track of any activities is a snap.  I can't imagine a worse time to start tracking all the food shoved in my mouth than the last week of December, so that would be the time to start logging right?  With all the left overs and sweets laying around the house, I skipped the good and the bad and went straight for the ugly.  It can only get better from there.

I now have a fitness tracker.  I recently got my hands on an Up by Jawbone, and have been playing with all the settings for about a week now.  For what I want, so far it is doing the job.  I like the step counter and that I don't have to have my phone attached to me at all times to keep track of how much I move.  I set the band to zing me after 15 minutes of inactivity between 9 am and 9 pm.  It's not actually annoying as it's just a quick vibration on my wrist, and if I am in the middle of something critical, I can ignore it till the next 15 minute zing.  I usually get a reminder while in the living room, so I'll walk to one of the other rooms in the house and do some quick cleaning chore.  It may be something as quick as putting a few pieces of clutter away, to wiping down a counter, or loading the dishwasher.  The bottom line, it gets me up and moving, and in the process my house might get a little bit de-cluttered.  I'll call that a win-win

I have MyFitnessPal, and my Jawbone app linked together, so they talk to each other to make the tracking seamless.  I also linked both apps to Walgreen's Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices.  I have no problems earning up to 1,000 Balance Rewards points a month just for walking around.  It may max out at $1 a month, but free money is free money right?

Lastly, I figured I would blog my progress.  My current plan is an update at least  once a week with the good, the bad and the ugly.  I am by no means perfect, so I'm expecting to write a lot of ugly.  My house is still filled with a crazy assortment of sweets, and it will be a learning curve again with the foods I eat, let alone how much I eat.  I generally love food, and will keep eating even after I am stuffed full.  Like most households, I have a variety of dietary needs that I need to cook for.  Both my daughters have a gluten intolerance, and one has added being a vegetarian.  Mailman hubby is fit as a horse and can eat anything he wants since he takes about 30,000 steps when he's working and loves to snack.  His big problem is keeping his weight on, especially during the summer.  Somewhere in all the food craziness I will blaze my own trail.