Friday, January 30, 2015

Hard Boiled Eggs ~ No Really, My Daughter Asked How to do This!

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Written By Bobbie

OK, if you are asking who the heck does not know how to boil eggs, it is my oldest daughter.  I figured the Back to Basics theme was the perfect opportunity to write up this seemingly no brainer recipe.  This is also the same daughter that asked me how much a pinch of salt was.  I honestly do try and get both my daughters into the kitchen to help make meals, but my older one fights it more than my younger one.  Looking back though, my mom had to walk me through how to do this.  We all have to start leaning somewhere right?




Place eggs in pot, and add cold tap water to cover at least an inch.  My pot is good for 6 eggs, yours may vary.  Add some salt.  I don't have an exact measurement, I just dump some in, best guess, between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon.  The salt is supposed to help prevent your eggs from cracking, and I think it really works.  Place pot on burner, and turn on stove to a medium to medium high heat.  You want to bring the water to a low rolling boil, just enough to jostle the eggs around a bit, but not move them around so much that they crack against each other or the side of the pot.  Let eggs boil for around 20 minutes, turn down the burner a notch if you need to.  When done cooking, pour off some of the hot water, being careful to not dump out your eggs.  Add some cold water, and repeat a couple times till the water is cool.  Allow eggs to cool in water for 5-10 minutes before peeling, unless you like burning your fingers.

I like to crack the shell on a flat surface, and roll it around some to crack all around the egg and dump it back into the cool water to cool inside the egg off before I completely peel off the shell.  Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper to eat, or cool in fridge for another 20 minutes and you have eggs ready for an egg salad sandwich, or you can make some deviled eggs.

Don't boil the water first then add eggs, unless you want an egg flour soup with shells.  I was THAT child, I had to try it.  Be sure to use older eggs for hard boiled eggs.  Fresh eggs are harder to peel because the shells stick to the egg more.  Not a big deal if you are looking to make an egg salad, but aesthetically, a very big deal if you are making deviled eggs.