Friday, December 12, 2014

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Written By Bobbie

Coffee and music, could there be a more perfect product for me to review?  I was given the opportunity to check out Dottie's Cool Beans Gift Set in exchange for my honest opinion.  With the Holiday Season it full swing, plus both my daughters having December birthdays, I have a tendency to become a bit of a stressed out crazy person.  The Cool Beans Gift gave me a chance to just sit back and unwind for a bit.

The gift pack is very cute and contains a Cool Beans CD, coffee cup that matches the CD, and a bag of coffee to enjoy with the piano music.  Everything is contained is a cute red plastic basket and wrapped up with a bow and plastic wrap.  The personalized coffee mug is large enough to hold a cup of coffee, with room for any extras that you might want to add.  I had no problems with the handle getting too hot from the microwave.   I popped the CD into my my music player grabbed a cup of coffee and sat on the couch and listened.  Sometimes it's hard being a review blogger ya know?

I found the music to be very relaxing.  I dragged my oldest daughter into the living room to listen to some songs with me and asked her what she thought.  While it is not her first choice of style of music, she did enjoy it.  I was not familiar with all the songs on the CD, I enjoyed every one of them.  My favorite songs on the CD are Over the Rainbow and Love Story.  I took piano lessons when I was younger, and am very impressed with the complexity of Dottie's style.  She gives the classics an slightly more upbeat vibe, but still manages to keep the songs in a relaxing, romantic tempo.  The entire CD is just a little over an hour long, and I enjoyed my little escape from the holiday stress.

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Dottie is committed to enriching the performing arts, a portion of the proceeds from Dottie's Cool Beans Gift Set will benefit the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra's "Notes in Your Neighborhood" program for elementary students in Title 1 schools.

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