Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Written By Amanda

Days can be busy, we all know this so with everything else that needs to be done the cleaning, laundry, showers, school homework, business work, keeping up with the kids, the list can and does go on; supper  can sometimes slip past me until I get the I'm hungry or when will dinner be done? So your tired, literally dragging your body to the kitchen really hoping you won't have to stand there any longer than you have too.  You could do the typical freezer items or the fend for yourself night, or you could make this very easy and yummy one pan meal. It was one of the easiest meals I have ever thrown together. With just a few ingredients this meal will leave your family happy and full and  clean up will be a breeze leaving you a little more time to hopefully have a time out for yourself.


4 chicken breasts
1 jumbo can of green beans or 2 cans of smaller (normal) size ones
8-10 red potatoes
1 Tsp. garlic
1 Tsp. salt/pepper
1/2 Tsp. of meat tenderizer


Preheat oven to 400 degrees, cut thawed chicken into pieces, sizes and shapes are your choice. Cut red potatoes into fourths. In a baking 9x11 pan, add just enough water to cover bottom. Lay green beans on one side, chicken in middle of pan and potatoes on the other end. Throw seasonings over everything in pan and place in oven. Cook for 45-55 minutes or until potatoes are tender and chicken is cooked thoroughly.

If you wanted to spice things up a bit you can try adding paprika or Parmesan cheese.