Sunday, November 30, 2014

Use Paperclips for Ornament Hooks

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Written By Bobbie

My older daughter decorated the tree by herself this year, lights and all.  After demanding that hubby get up and walk around the tree looking for decoration bald spots, he said he needed a couple of orbs, then dictated what colors he wanted.  Of course all the colors he wanted were already on the tree, and my oldest was fussing that we were out of ornament hooks.  I told her to give me the paper clip holder and quickly made a few hooks, and after placing the extra ornaments on the tree, it has now been deemed perfectly decorated.
To make your improvise your ornament hook, simply pull open the paperclip until the larger loop is opposite from the smaller loop.  Slip ornament onto the smaller loop, pinch the smaller hook closed, and then hang on tree.  Paperclip hooks work great with heavier ornaments.