Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Waikiki Resort Hotel Review

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Written By Bobbie

Once hubby booked our vacation plane tickets, he set about researching for a hotel.  He lived on Trip Advisor and Yelp for several weeks before zeroing in on the Waikiki Resort Hotel

We ended up arriving a few hours before check-in, but still hit the front desk anyways in the off chance that our room would be ready early.  No such luck, but were were able to to sign in and just hang out in the lobby while our room was being made up for us.  There is free wi-fi in the lobby and I took full advantage of it during our stay. The staff was pleasant, and even offered to roll in an extra bed into the room for us.  We hunkered down for what we though would be just a short while since we were told it would not be long before our room was ready.  An hour and a half later, hubby went back up to the desk to get an update, only to be told the room had been ready for a while.  Not the greatest start off for the hotel, but honestly; we were still getting in the room before the posted check-in time.

The room was great.  We were up on the 15th floor, so most of the city noise was too far down to be much of a bother to us.  Some of it still filtered up (like when Hawaii 5-0 was filming a shoot out scene), but most of it was just grey noise to us.  We also live on a buy street, and not to far from some railroad tracks, so our noise tolerance is pretty high to begin with.  They rolled in a third bed for my younger daughter and crammed it right in the middle.  It was a little cramped with the extra bed in there, but so worth not having to listen to both daughters complain about each other all day and all night.  The partial ocean view was amazing, and hubby spent quite a bit of time out on the balcony relaxing (i.e. escaping three crazy females).  The beds were comfy, and I think we must have been the noisy guests because we did not hear anything from the other rooms.  Even the random chatter in the hallway by other guests was pretty muffled while we were in the room.

Our room had a safe (we never used it), mini fridge, coffee maker and nice sized flat screen TV.  The fridge had ice cube trays that were already filled, but I just took those out and threw my water bottles into the "freezer" overnight so I could have cold water the next day.  Waikiki Resort hotel provided us with Wolfgang Puck coffee and Numi tea every day.  They were not stingy with the shampoo, soaps or lotions either.  We bumped into some of the housekeeping staff a few times during our stay as we dodged in and out of the room, and they were always very friendly.  We only had to ask for more towels the first morning (teen girls use a lot of towels), after that they kept up fully stocked every day.  It was very easy to grab different towels when we went to the pool or the beach, and just as easy to keep exchanging them for clean ones.

The hotel only has one ice machine on the second floor.  It was out of order when we were there, but had a large ice chest right next to it that was always full of ice no matter when I went down to grab some ice.  The hotel floors are not huge, so I understand whey they do not have an ice machine on every floor.  The pool was always very clean, and a great place to relax at the end of the day.  I even hit the laundry area down in the basement/parking garage.  Bring quarters and hit up the little store in the lobby area for laundry soap.

Waikiki Resort Hotel is only a couple of blocks from the beach, and as I said before, provides towels for beach and pool use.  They do offer in room wi-fi for a fee, but I was happy with just mooching off the wi-fi in the lobby, it gave me a break from the room.  Also the lobby is pretty comfy between the beautiful stain glass window and the open area to street.