Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ornaments With Love ~ Personalized Ornaments for Every Occasion Review & Giveaway #2014HolidayGiftGuide

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Written by Bobbie

Ornaments With Love sent me an ornament to facilitate this review.  However, all opinions are my own, or that of my daughters.  Ornaments With Love has a huge selection of ornaments to choose from, and has taken great care to organize the ornaments into easy to look through sections.  I let my youngest daughter pick out an ornament this year, and she went straight for Pets & Animals tab.  She paused for a few moments at some of the cow ornaments, looked at me and snickered because my friends and I have a running joke about calling each other heifer.

She scrolled further down and then I heard an ear piercing squeal.  She found the Manatee Christmas Ornament.  Christina refused to even look at any other ornaments.  She wanted the sea cow and nothing was going to change her mind.  I put my order in and waited anxiously for the honk of the mail truck to announce it's arrival.  A few days later my daughter was eagerly tearing into a package and squealing over her personalized Manatee Ornament.

The Manatee is pretty big, about the size of my palm, so it will be visible on the tree.  It has a little weight to it, so be sure to hang in on a sturdy branch.  I love that it even has whiskers coming out it's cheeks.  I gave them a pretty good tug, and they are not coming out.  The manatee is more grey than brown as shown on the web site.

I took a closer look at the personalization, and it seemed fainter that it had in years past.  A small part of me hoped it was because the black ink just looked fainter on the grey ornament.  I took my thumb and rubbed it along the ink as I have done the last couple of years and was actually shocked that the ink started to rub off onto my thumb.  As I said, this is so far out of the ordinary for Ornaments With love.  I contacted customer service and they responded quickly and sent out a replacement right away.

Ornaments With Love send their ornaments with everything you need to wrap it up and set it under the tree.  If you are traveling with it before delivery, you are covered between the bubble wrap pouch and the tissue paper.  Just don't run over it with the car or anything like that and it will travel safely.  A gift tag is already attached to the bag for you.  All you need to do is fill in the To: and From: and you are all set.  The twisty tie will hold the ornament inside the bag, and you can always spruce it up more with some curling ribbon.

Ornaments With Love is allowing one lucky ready to win a personalized ornamnet of their own!  The only mandatory entry is to check out Ornaments With Love and leave a comment on this blog poost letting me know which ornament you would like to win.  Can't decide?  No problem, you can comment daily for more entires!  If you do not leave a comment, you can not win, so leave your comment with your favorite ornament, then fill out the form below.

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