Monday, October 20, 2014

Lola Granola ~ Gluten Free Granola Bars Review & Giveaway #eatlola

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Written by Bobbie

My daughters have been showing increasing issues with wheat gluten, so when Lola Granola Bar offered me some of their gluten free granola bars in exchange for my honest opinion, I jumped at the chance.  My older daughter in particular loves granola bars, and has been whining that she misses them.

Lola Granola Bars come in five flavors, and I thinks it's cute that the different varieties are named after creators family members.  All the Lola Bars are powered by oats and honey, so I knew my older daughter was the target audience for this.  She loves honey so much she puts in in her coffee!  We had a few day trips coming up, and I knew these would be the perfect snack to have on hand.  While finding gluten free foods while on the road is doable, my younger daughter is also a vegetarian, and gets tired of ordering salads all the time.  The bars are all soft chewy bars, so I was not worried abut them breaking apart or crumbling down to dust while being jostled around in my purse.

The Nathan ~ With Blueberries and Almonds.
This was the first one we tried.  It took a few bites to adjust to the all natural sweetness of the honey.  We liked the taste of the bluberries and almonds together.

The Enzo ~  With Cashews and Almonds
This was mine and my younger daughter's favorite flavor,  I'm a sucker for anything with cashews and almonds.  Both my daughters says the honey flavor was not as strong, but we still all liked it

The Ruby ~ With Cranberries
Subtle cranberry taste.  Very good taste for not having any nuts in it and not at all tart.

The Ellie ~ With Cashews and Dates
The Ellie was by far the sweetest bar.  The dates really kick up the sweetness, but it paired well with the cashews

The Lola ~ With Almonds and Cranberries
The almonds and cranberries are great together in this one.

Lola Granola bars are surprisingly filling.  Half a bar curbed my appetite during our day trips, so my younger daughter and I would just split them.  All Lola Granola Bars are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and are non GMO.  The company is very involved in giving back to the community and most of the ingredients are sourced here in the USA.

Would you like a chance to try out some Lola Granola for yourself?  The good folks at Lola Granola are allowing one reader to win a sample pack of bars (2 bars of each flavor).  To enter the giveaway leave a comment on the blog post telling me what you like about Lola Granola!  It can be anything from what the ingredients are, that they are non GMO, or that the company uses local oats by local folks.  You can not win if you do not leave a comment, so once you are done simply fill out the giveaway form below.  You can leave a comment everyday for more entries.

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