Friday, October 10, 2014

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Written by Bobbie

October 10th is my anniversary.  I though it would be fun to write up a quick post on how I met my hubby.  I was a manager at an apartment complex for several months when hubby started up as the new mailman on the route.  Yep.  I ended up marrying my mailman.  We dated for 4 years and then were happily married in a small ceremony with friends and family.  My daughters walked me down the aisle, and we included them in the wedding ceremony.  Hubby even had his own vows with my daughters!  2014 is our 10 year anniversary.  It has been a surprisingly easy road with him, and he is so very patient putting up with me and my now teen daughters.  I am looking forward to so many many more years with him and look forward to our next steps in life as my daughters grow up and make their own ways in the wold, and spending more quality time with hubby after he retires and we pack up the car and take a bunch of road trips.