Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hawaiian Vacation ~ US Army Museum of Hawaii

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Written by Bobbie

Poor hubby.  He loves military history, and tried to get to the US Army Museum of Hawaii on our first two trips to Hawaii.  When we were there on our honeymoon, we stumbled upon it by accident later in the afternoon the day before our return flight, so we rushed through it.  A few years later on a return trip, the girls and I went snorkeling, and he hiked it back to the museum, and it was closed.  This time the entire family hit the museum the day after we arrived.  I even jumped online to see hours of operations just to be sure it was open before we headed out.

Outside the museum are a couple of tanks and artillery guns to look at.  We were amazed at how small the Japanese tanks were in comparison to the US tanks.  There is also a pill box to check out before you go into the museum.


The museum itself an old bunker, and it is huge inside.  I was ever so grateful it was air conditioned because of the heat and humidity when we visited.  Hubby; aside from it being an army museum, loved that it's free admission!  The museum is HUGE, so plan on spending a couple hours in there.  Every room is stuffed with information and while it is an US Amy Museum, it starts back in the ancient history of the Hawaiian Islands.  As you move deeper into the bunker you move forward in time with the civil war, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and even a little into modern war fare.  The exhibits range from wall posters, miniatures artifacts, and even some full sized artifacts and recreations.  The bunker itself is actually the museums largest exhibit.  They removed some of the concrete in one area so you can see just how large the rebar is going through the entire thing.


After you are done exploring the bunker, you can head up stairs and see the Gallery of Heroes.  Both my teen daughters were in awe of this area of the museum and even because a little emotional and they saw the names of those that earned the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Cross.


From the Gallery of Heroes, you can go back outside onto the gun deck of the bunker and see a helicopter along with an artillery gun that is part of the fort.  From the gun deck just head back inside and downstairs back the the entrance.  There is a gift store to rummage though and if you feel the desire, a donation box.


If you can not make it to the museum, CLICK HERE and you can check it out the online.

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