Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hawaiian Vacation ~ Booking Activities with Roberts Hawaii

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Written by Bobbie

(Cousin Jason and EJ kicking it on the Dinner Cruise)

Once our flight and hotels reservations were set, hubby started looking around for some fun stuff to do while on vacation.  We had already discussed going on a dinner cruise and taking everyone to Pearl Harbor and onto the USS Arizona, so we just needed to find the cheapest place to book those activities.  Hubby once again hopped on line and started hunting down some deals.  In the process he discovered The Polynesian Cultural Center, so we added that to our To-Do List.

For what we wanted to do, Roberts Hawaii came in cheapest for booking options.  Hubby and I talked about how long the different activities would take, and discussed what days we wanted to do things.  Hubby was very excited at this point, and went ahead and booked our activities.  No sooner than he hit send, he realized that he had accidentally booked two activities for one day.  He quickly sent them an e-mail explaining the situation, and right after he got up from the computer, a representative from Roberts Hawaii was calling us because they noticed the double booking!  They had not even received the e-mail before calling us to double check that the activity dates and time we booked were correct.  I'm assuming this happens a lot with how fast they caught our booking mistake.
It was a pretty quick conversation and our double booking was taken care of.

While in Hawaii, our drivers back and forth from the activities destinations were friendly and professional.  The drop off and pick up points were in front of our hotel, or less than two short blocks away.  We drove in a smaller commuter van and the huge buses, and all were clean and comfortable.  With each activity we also had a go-to guide, they were also professional but friendly and full of information.  It was great to have one guide for each activity, as we knew who to look for to get on the return transportation.  I will be posting the individual activities we did in the near future.

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