Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Contributed by Amanda

Halloween time is our favorite time of year. The decorations, the costumes, the candy, and of course yummy desserts. We normally go all out in decorating that takes me weeks to get it all together, but the kids and neighbors look towards it every year. Having to spend some much time in the yard getting things put together it doesn't leave much time in my already crazy busy schedule to bake or create new recipes. Learning it was candy month relaxed me a bit, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  A graveyard cake. Turninga  graveyard into dessert was just what the family ordered, they loved it and I had a blast putting it together. There is so much you can do with this cake to create the theme so be creative or use the ideas I left you below. Just have fun, let the kids help and watch your graveyard appear.


1 box of cake mix( your choice of flavoring)
1 can of cake icing
1 box of food coloring
1 bag of assorted sugar free wafer cookies
1 bag of Kit Kats Fun size
1 small bag of M&M's (like single size)
1 bag of candy corn pumpkins
1 crushed Oreo
1 pull and peel Twizzlers
1 pack gummy worm
1 pack of Marshmallows shaped as ghosts
1 pack of icing tubes for writing if you don't have a small enough tip


Mix and bake cake mix as instructed on box, or home make your own. Once cake is cooled, mix white icing and green food coloring until you get the color green you want for the grass. Using a butter knife or a ball up piece of aluminum tap the icing to give it a textured look. Now to decorate, using Kit Kats break them apart into single strips and line them up to make a fence. Leaving a small opening. Place some candy corn pumpkins in and around your cake. Take the pull and peel Twizzler and pull some of the strips down to give it a old haunted tree look. I used tooth picks to prop my up. One through the bottom to stand on and one behind it to lean on. Add a few marshmallows to make it haunted. Write on the sugar wafers examples like RIP or dates,  place them in the fenced area. Use M&M's to represent flowers on you're tombstones. Take a wafer and split it into and use them as columns or entrance to graveyard. Place a gummy worm or two inside your graveyard and around cake. I took one wafer and split it into to make a burial plot, covered it with some of the crushed Oreo.