Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Written by Bobbie

I was talking with my daughters about this months candy theme and mentioned that Amanda was doing Worms in Dirt.  My older daughter got this look on her face and said she wished there was a gluten free version she could eat.  I looked her straight in the eye and told her to come up with an idea and we would make it.  There was some discussion between both my daughters and I on how to get some good looking 'dirt'.  We finally agreed that black sugar crystals and mashed up chocolate chips were the way to go.  After a quick run to the store for a few ingredients, my daughter got busy quickly put this together.


1 Box chocolate pudding prepared as directed
1 handful chocolate chips
1 bag gummy worms
black sugar crystals
1 small plastic bag
meat mallet


Prepare chocolate pudding as directed on box.  While that is setting, place chocolate chips into plastic bag, remove excess air, and get some aggression therapy in by smashing chocolate chips with flat side of meat mallet.  Fill small cup about half way up with chocolate pudding.  Place 2-3 worms on top of pudding, then sprinkle on black sugar crystals and crushed chocolate chips.  Serve immediately, or place in refrigerator and serve later.