Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Written by Amanda

Halloween is a great time to make your own decorations for less than you can buy them. This project is no different. I've seen other similar decorations but the cost is way outside of my budget. After finding some old mason jars in our new place I knew they would become useful for decorating for Halloween and Christmas but also for every day uses other than canning as this girl don't can. Anyways, we go all out for Halloween for the kids in us but also for the neighbor kids, like everything has some sort of decor on it. Looking at what I had left the ideas just came together. Spider rings, mason jars and tons of glow sticks. Although I wanted to use the spider webbing all of those had already been placed on the shrubs and trees. Searching for something like that to use I found cotton balls. Easy enough for the kids to make them and everyone can sit back and enjoy. Turning off the lights they really stood out and made great little lanterns when I took them outside. Now my glow sticks only lasted about 12 hours, so if you want this to be ready for a Halloween party or for trick-or-treaters I wouldn't crack the glow sticks until you need them.

Supplies needed:

1 bag of cotton balls
1 package of spider rings or fake spiders
mason jars no lids (pint sized)
1 package of glow sticks

Drop a few cotton balls in around the inside of the jar. Bend and crack a glow stick to activate it and placed it in the middle of a jar.  Fill the jar the rest of the way up with cotton balls. I noticed the glow stick were not as visible as before so I bent and cracked  another glow stick and placed it beside the other but sitting on some cotton balls to give it some height. This really made the colors pop. Add a few spider rings by sliding them down beside and between the cotton balls and voila a creepy but neat project.