Monday, October 13, 2014

Finding Places to Eat ~ Hawaiian Vacation

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Written by Bobbie

While in Hawaii we found a great variety of food to eat, and not all of it broke the bank!  We ate at both chain restaurants, and local restaurants, and overall found the local restaurants were cheaper.  We are not big breakfast eaters to begin with, so most days we had a late breakfast and then dinner.  We then just drabbed a couple of fruit trays as needed for snacks during the day at any one of the numerous ABC stores around Waikiki.  Every place we went to eat was within walking distance of our might have been a LONG walk, but not once did we hop on a bus or flag down a cab to go out for food.   Eating out can be a challenge for use because both my daughters have developed a gluten intolerance, and my youngest daughter has decided to be a vegitarian.  We had some food shuffling at most of the resturants we went to to accomidate their dietary restrictions, but nothing extreme.

I was able to drag hubby over to a P.F. Chang's for dinner one night because I had some gift cards from a couple Christmases ago, so he was all for a cheap-after-gift-cards dinner.  We debated Cheesecake Factory several times, but every time we walked by, there was a line out the door.  We hit Chili's our first night there, and IHOP a couple of times for breakfast.  We even found a Subway and chowed down one night when we were looking for a dinner on the lighter side.  My mom went with us on vacation, and she treated everone to dinner at a Japanese Noodle House one night.  The Royal Hawaiian Center has a food court that we hit for dinner as well another night.  It was great because everyone was able to snag the exact food they wanted, and it was a very relaxed atmosphere.  It was also cute to see all the little birds flying around since the Royal Hawaiian Center is a multi level open air mall.  Be prepared for a little sticker shock if you eat at some of the chain restaurants, the prices are noticeable higher than the mainland.  Sometimes it's a little, other times it's a lot.

The rest of the time, we would just walk around until we found a place we were willing to try for breakfast or dinner.  We did try a Mexican place one night for dinner that was close to the hotel, food was OK, served super quick, decent price, but really was not what we would consider great food taste wise.  I guess that is our fault for trying to find authentic Mexican food in Hawaii.  We fell in love with a local diner called the Seaside Bar & Grill.  The food was excellent, served quickly, and did not cost an arm and a leg.  We liked it so much we hit it twice for breakfast while we were there.