Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Written by Amanda

I was looking at Facebook one day and saw a post on candy corn on the cobs, I thought oh wow that's really cool and neat. What a great treat for the kids. Well they made them on raw cookie dough. Having a son that doesn't handle sweets all that well. I opted to trade out the cookie dough for something, anything, I kept looking and thinking. One afternoon my son comes home with a bushel of bananas from school. With already a bushel sitting on the counter I'm thinking oh wow more bread. Then I got the idea hey candy corn bananas. Sounded weird I know, but the boys loved the idea. So we tried to make them, well you know the Pintrest posts you see with the Yep they nailed it... well that sort of what happened here. I'm sharing this with you guys just to show you even though you try hard it doesn't always come out looking pretty and wonderful like other websites like to show you. The taste I was told (I hate bananas) from the kids was weird yet good.  Like a sweet banana. It was a messy one to make, but the kids enjoyed making the mess. I will say the bananas go brown about a hour or two after you start so make sure you're ready to eat them, and don't make them ahead of time. I will try and make the cookie dough one soon to compare them.


1 big bag of candy corn


Cut bananas into small sections about 3-4 inches long, and gently push in the candy corn pieces into the banana. I found that cutting the candy corn pieces in half worked easier than trying to push the whole thing in. Once banana is covered, serve.