Friday, October 17, 2014

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Written by Bobbie

I've seen this pop up in my news feed several times over the last couple of years, and figured that mini marshmallows count as a candy.  I dragged my younger daughter to the store after school, and we picked up the few ingredients we needed for this.  It's quick and easy, and I was surprised the marshmallows did not seem out of place while chowing down.

I switched between creamy peanut butter, and chunky peanut butter (really I ran out of creamy) and I personally thought that chunky held everything together better.  I made up a small plate for my daughter, and had to count my fingers she snatched the plate out of my hands so fast.  All I heard after was some crunching of apples, quickly followed by demand for more.  My younger daughter is almost 17, so don't think that this snack is just for smaller ones.

Washed apples
Peanut butter
Mini Marshmallows


Slice apples into 16 wedges.  If you happen to have an apple wedger/corer use that, then cut each wedge in half.  Smear some peanut butter on side of an apple wedge, and then push four or five mini marshmallows into the peanut butter.  Smear some peanut butter on one side of a second apple wedge, then place on top of marshmallows peanut butter side down.  Press down gently to help keep the marshmallows in place and serve.