Thursday, September 11, 2014

Repainted Dresser #DIY

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Written By Bobbie

My poor teen girls are crammed into a pretty small room.  We are forever changing things up trying to figure out a way to get more space, and more storage.  I have an old white dresser that has been in and out of the girl's room as we changed things up and moved things around.  Once again we moved things around and decided to throw the dresser back into the room.  There is nothing wrong with it, but the white paint on the side has turned yellowish, and really, we all were just tired of looking at it.

I looked at my oldest daughter and asked if she wanted to paint the dresser.  We have a bunch of small cans of paint, and figured that it would be a nice way to add some color to their room, update the dresser, and finally use up some of the paint.  She was all for the project, so we got to it.  Keep in mind, we are just a couple of amateurs, so perfection is not in our thought process at this time.


We started off with wiping the whole thing down.  My daughter EJ immediately began painting on the side while I removed drawers from the cabinet and the handles from the drawers.   We decided to skip sanding it down since we were trying to get this done and put in their room in just a few hours.  My daughter picked the paint colors and we got to work with the painting.  It took two coats of paint to get the vibrant colors she wanted.  I looked and the handles and wanted to do something to update them as well.  I scrounged around the tool shed and found some black enamel spray paint.  EJ was a little leery about the black, but she went with it.  It also helped that it was the only color on hand, and I refused to drive to the store for any supplies.  I pushed the handles into a piece of Styrofoam to prop them up and sprayed away.  I was pretty impressed with the transformation, and so was EJ.  We set aside the handles to dry and continued painting.

Mr. Honey Buns did a great job supervising us the few hours it took to complete.

I was picked to do the trim as I have a steadier hand in theory.  It was slow, but I did finally get accent trim painted without too much fuss.  I barely remembered that we would need to paint the frame of the front of the dresser as it would show between the drawers even when they were closed.


After we finished painting we moved everything out to the sun to help it dry faster.  A little bit later we put the handles back and the drawers and put the whole thing back together and Voila!


The dresser has been in there room for a couple of months now, and I'm pleased to report that the paint is holding up well, even with the teen abuse.  Both the girls love it and now want to repaint their bedroom some funky colors *gulp*.  That may or may not be a post for another time.