Friday, September 5, 2014

Michael Angelo's Lasagna w/ Meat Sauce 46 oz. ~ Review by Amanda

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Written By Amanda

I was given the opportunity to purchase and review Michael Angelo's family dinner entrees. I must admit finding them was extremely difficult, it took me weeks to find any of the varies that they make. As Bobbie always tells me that's one of the problems with living so far out of nowhere, we don't receive the new products as fast as big populated areas. When I did find them I was only able to get my hands on the Lasagna with Meat Sauce as the others were not in stocked. This is a family sized frozen entrees. Add a salad and some garlic bread and you have yourself a quick and painless but healthy meal.

A little about Michael Angelo's, they only use ingredients that are found in Mom's kitchen, absolutely no preservatives, and 100% natural ingredients. Ingredients are fresh and they flash freeze the meals and are shipped directly to the grocery store to keep the freshness. The lasagna is authentic Italian with olive oil, fresh beef, tomatoes, and herbs. They have been making their products the same way for years from scratch so as the saying goes why change it when it's delicious.

Lasagna is not the only entree you can buy they also have eggplant lasagna, baked Ziti, and talking with Bobbie I realize that they make even bigger family size that I could never find here in my area. Mine were 46oz 5-6 servings as hers was 80oz not sure of the serving sizes on those. 

You get a healthy, fresh meal with the convenience of either oven or microwave cooking for those busier nights. Now I have tried many, many brands of lasagna from store cheap brands to your high dollar frozen entrees.I hate going through the mess of home made lasagna but these ranked on top with the family. Cooking instructions took longer than the box said. Per instructions bake for 45-50 minutes and I checked it when timer went off and found it was still cold and hard in the middle. So I put it back in and baked for another 20 minutes still finding it wasn't completely up to safe heat, I threw it in the microwave and cooked for 8 minutes. That finished it up. The taste was delicious, the noodles were firm but not tough. The lasagna was juicy but not soupy or dry. Overall I would rate this 9 out of 10, taking a bit off for the cooking times.  I also wished there was a bit more cheese on top to make that yummy stringy cheese effect while cutting and eating, but overall the lasagna had a wonderful real Italian taste and texture, I have already bought a second one and hoping really soon to get my hands on the baked ziti to give it a try. Will come back later (if I can find it) to let you guys know how that one tastes.

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