Monday, September 15, 2014

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Written By Bobbie

I am one that always has a lot of issues with leg room on a plane. I really prefer to take the aisle so I can at least stretch out and not accidentally play footies with my neighbor.  Both flights I was stuck in the middle as my hubby booked middle and window seats in two rows, and my youngest daughter took the window seat.

I slid into my seat and shoved my overstuffed backpack into the little storage spot in the seat in front of me, then got a big shock.  I still had room to slide me feet on one side of my bag!  Even bigger shock, I was not slamming my shins into the seat in front of me.  I'm not part giant or anything, but I'm 5'8 and have rather long legs, even for my height.  For a five hour flight, I was reasonable comfortable and even when the person in front of me put their seat back, I did not feel like I was being overly crowded.

I was glad I had everyone in the family pack some sort of electronic device for entertainment for the flight.  There were no video monitors mounted on the back of the headrests, or along the sides of the airplane.  In-flight entertainment was a $10 rental for a tablet looking thing that came loaded with movies, TV shows, games, and I'm not sure what else was loaded onto it.  Not too bad of a price since they also provided you with two sets of headphones if you requested them, so sharing was allowed.  The entertainment devices also had a handle that fit perfectly into the slot where the meal menu and plane safety information were stored, so you did not have to hold it or keep the tray table down to use it.  I did not rent one of these devices, so I don't have any pictures of them,  While the place was equipped with free basic Wi-Fi, sadly the service was not available because we were traveling across open ocean.  I was able to upload one quick picture over the Wi-Fi connection shortly after takeoff, before we were out of range.  We had a different plane on the way home that had power ports built into the back of the seat.  It was not enough of a power source to be able to run my tablet and charge it at the same time, but it did do a good job of charging it up while it was turned off.

Food service was pretty good.  My family has flown several times in the past, so we generally plan on purchasing the more picnic type lunch packs that are cheese and fruit trays; or crackers, jerky and chocolates trays and such.  Bring a credit or debit card with you.  It's all about plastic payment now days (I really prefer credit over debit to protect my account).  The further you sit in the back of the plane, the more likely the hot lunches will be gone by the time they get to you.  You are able to bring your own food and drinks onto the plane as well.  We were served complimentary soda/juice/tea/coffee several times during the flight and given a small snack pack as well.  The flight to Hawaii also serves a complimentary Mai Thai to the adult passengers that wish to partake of it.  I enjoyed mine and most of hubby's as well.

Our cabin crew was very friendly and professional on both flights.  I did not have any issues come up either time that required their assistance, but the few times I saw someone push the call button, they responded quickly to the service request.  The plane bathrooms are small, but they were well stocked through out the flights.  On the way home, we were allowed to check our bags for free at the gate, and our bags were first out onto the baggage claim carousel, so we were out the door and on the way home before the rest of the luggage from the plane was unloaded.